Sunday, November 1, 2009

Keep the rats out

Rat Problem? Here Are Some Tips To Eradicate Them
Rats are extremely troublesome and are the most hated pests that affect many homes. They are such a nuisance that we desperately want to eradicate them from our living space. Here are some tips, which can be very effective in handling this common nuisance.
Rat extermination needs you to put baited traps at appropriate locations all around the residence, especially at points which are regularly used by rats, like exits and entrances. It is important to understand that rats have a collapsible spine and can fit into very small places. Therefore you should make sure that there are traps laid at the small gaps and holes present in the house.
Another effective rat elimination technique, which has been commonly used down the ages, is rat poison, but it is best not to use it in case there are children or animals in your house. One of the newest tools used in rat elimination are sonic repellents, which are quite well known with pest control firms. But you should be cautious that you have decided on how to get rid of the dead rats before you start any extermination method.
It is essential to realise that the process of extermination does not stop at merely killing the existing rats, and that it is also crucial to make sure that the situation does not reappear. To ensure this, you must take measures to safeguard your residence against future invasions from rats. Rat proofing is not that easy, but it is highly successful and so it is an ideal and permanent solution to the problem. You should block all ways in and out of the home when you are not making use of them, and in case there is a garden, it should be kept clean to ensure that it doesn’t end up becoming a favourable habitat for rats.
Poor sanitation and the presence of garbage help rats to live in residential areas. Having a good sanitation will reduce the number of rats in the place. A healthy housekeeping, proper warehousing and managing of food materials, and elimination of potential rodent shelter are just some of right sanitation. If you have a dog pen, maintain it properly. Get rid of clutter around your home. Good sanitary exercises will not eliminate rats under all circumstances, but will make the surroundings less suitable for them to flourish.
Hire a professional pest control firm for this purpose, since they can be quite successful in properly executing the elimination, and they can also offer valuable guidance on how to ensure a permanent remedy for the problem.
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  1. I also hate rats. They are not only dirty but also ugly. They are the source of various diseases and some of those are deadly. It is very hard to get rid of mouse. Some times natural techniques are effective for removing them from our property. But, when the problem become very hard then we should call an exterminator. Thanks for the useful article.